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Leading Edge Technologies Producing

   Vibrant Colors, Realistic Bait Fish, and Custom UFI
     •  Produce high-definition images, photographs or logos
                                                                  Custom UFI
     •  Images are digitally applied into the paint surface
     •  Requires specific design for each size spinner blade and spoon
     •  Extremely durable, scratch-resistant finish
     •  Color fade resistant
                                                                                       Realistic Bait Fish
                                                                                                          Vibrant Colors with UV
                                                                                                             Purple Shiner
                                           Ultimate Fishing Images (UFI)

  UFI Vibrant Colors with UV                 UFI Holographic Flash                   UFI Realistic Bait Fish Custom & Promotional
        Highly Visible Color Images for      Create Maximum Flash Attraction with           Realistic Bait Fish Images
       Added Brilliance and Attraction                 Holographic Foils                       for Fishing Tackle                         UFI
                                                                                                                                  Custom High-Definition

              Page 2-6 for Vibrant Colors          page 1 Holographic Flash
                                                                                             Page 6 for Realistic Bait Fish
                                                                                                                                      Page 7 for Custom UFI
               UFI Enhancements        Ultraviolet (UV) Flash 2-5,13  Iridescent Pearl 13  Plate Base 10-11
                                       Holographic 1  Powder Coating Finish 13  Leading Edge Paint Finishes .page 12-13
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